Use Me Up!

“I wanna spread the news that if it feels this good getting used oh you just keep on using me until you use me up!” ~ Bill Withers

There have been several instances when my services have been given as a token of profound gratitude from one human being to another. In such instances, spouses and partners have wanted to express the depths of their love and appreciation for one another. Principals often reward their teachers for their extraordinary work as “brain surgeons” of the classroom. Cancer patients attempt to repay an immeasurable debt of gratitude to their caregivers for their priceless, and unyielding, support at a crucial time in their lives.

Most recently, I lent my gifts to the cast and crew of The Good Wife. They were a great group, whose energy seemed kindred. The star of the show, wanted to extend a heart-felt

thank you in the form of Mental Vacation Chair Massage Treatments, complimented by Susé Affirmation Candle hand treatments.

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A Mental Vacation Chair Massage Treatment is comprised of a guided meditation, aroma/sound therapies, Acupressure/Swedish massage and stretching. This protocol is essential

for optimal mind, body spirit alignment.The candle I used was Strength. The affirmation for Strength reads, "My strenght lies in facing my challenges, I grow stronger in each and every moment." This affirmation was purposely chosen, as the cast films their seventh and final season.

The individual feedback from the star, as well as the cast and crew, will serve as high-octane fuel, as I soar towards greater business goals. It feels astonishingly good to share my talent. It is in those moments when I ponder who feels better, them or me.

Walking in the purpose for why the breath of life was blown over you is awesome, especially, when you’ve identified it and others are empowered to thrive from it.

What is your gift? How are you sharing it to benefit others?

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