Planting Seeds in the Snow

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt saddened by the winter. The sadness came over me like a veil over they eyes of a widow at a funeral. I have always mourned the warmth and brilliance of the Sun.

When the Earth was on it's proper axis, my birthday was in the Spring and the Spring was actually warm. That feeling for me is akin to watching Snoopy dance gleefully with his head back, ears feverishly flapping and feet moving in all directions. Yes, that kind of joy.

In the Winter, I would resign myself to mirror that of my cousin Ursidae, the bear. On the menu, a large portion of hibernation and generous sides of carbs to keep my insulative fat on high until the Spring awakening. Thank God for dancing, double dutch, handball, roller skating in Flushing Meadow Park; otherwise I'd still be an Ompaloopa right now.

As evolution will spin and reshape you, I've decided to proceed in full vortex of my power. I fully acknowledge my role as executive producer of my life's play. I've decreed this year to write Winter's screenplay differently. I am burning my Appreciate and Discipline affirmation candles as a ritual. If you'd like yours, visit I'm also experimenting with different plant medicines and holistic therapies to embrace "what is."

It is my hope within this steadfastness, to not wish for Winter to be more than it is. I give myself this time to cultivate and evolve my mind, body, spirit and life's work; one-seed-at-a-time.

How are you making out?

#SADwinterblues #winterblues #affirmations #meditations #wellness #meditation

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