Affirmation: I appreciate every experience. It is all for my benefit!


Customize your candle:

1. Choose scent.

2. Choose affirmation.


Holiday Pie

Top: Crisp Apple

Middle: Cylon Cinnamon

Base: Citrus


Happiest Holiday

Top: Lemon Peel, Cypress

Middle: Evergreen, Cedar

Base: Fir, Amber, Moss


Holiday Punch

Top: Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Rosemary 

Middle: Apple Cider, Red Currant, Cranberry

Base: Wood, Red Wine


Warm and Cozy

Top: White Musk  

Middle: Lime, Bergamot 

Base: Sandalwood Base


Coco Lìmon

Top: Lime, Mandarin

Middle: Lemon Verbena

Base: Coconut, Wood

Appreciate Candle

SKU: 0001
Size: 8 oz.
  • Thank you for choosing a Susé 4-1 Affirmation Candle. It is beautiful to "Affirm Your Greatness!"© Your Susé (Sue-Say) 4-1 Affirmation Candle is designed to become a valued part of your daily ritual. Each 8 oz candle has a cotton wick, is housed in a travel tin, and made lovingly with Non-GMO soy and fragranced oils. 

    To begin your daily ritual:

    - light your beautifully fragranced candle

    - spoon out a nickel sized portion and rub onto your hand

    - hold both hands near your face

    - inhale, hold it, exhale

    - play and repeat your affirmations for 11 mintues daily for 40 days.

    Your candle should be used with the provided digitally downloaded Mp3.  Your download link will be delivered in a separate email or with your receipt. Please follow the instructions carefully as outlined here and on the audio track. The audio is recorded using Alpha binaural beats. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. These imbedded binaural beats will enhance relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, induced light trance, increased serotonin production, pre sleep/waking drowsiness, meditation and begin the access to the subconscious mind. The audio will be sent as a digital downloadable mp3 file.

    Additionally, the candle can be used in four ways. 1. To moisturize your skin 2. To condition your cuticles 3. As a solid scent applied to the body's pulse points and 3. To scent your environment. 

    We want your experience with our product to be a stellar one. You deserve it!

    Luminous blessings, Susé (Sue-say) Affirmation Candles