Heal. Balance. Luminate.

Using soy wax and divine fragrances,

our products are guaranteed to leave you feeling immersed in the beauty of nature and empowered.



     Our candle line was born out of an important observation. Many of us may be operating from a depleted state. We know the importance of keeping one's personal cup full.

      Susé (Sue-Say) Affirmation Candles allows you to create a loving daily enrichment time for yourself.  Use the affirmations, scents and the relaxing meditations as a resource to re-energize and reframe yourself in just 11-minutes a day. 


Susé 4-1 Affirmation Candle can be used to:


     - moisturize your skin (soothe rough heels)

     - condition your cuticles

     - applied as a solid scent to the body's pulse points

     - scent your environment


     If you have any questions or comments, please contact us?  Join our Facebook community. We will debut new products, offer support and important information there. We want your experience with our product to be a stellar one.


Luminous blessings,

Susé© (Sue-say)