New Scents


Heal. Balance. Luminate.

Love the scent but need a different affirmation?

Email us with your request. This is a limited time offer and is contingent upon supply.

1. (APPRECIATE) - Like a day spent in the orchard with crisp McIntosh apples.


2. (DISCIPLINE) - The scent of musk that makes you feel right at home.


3. (FAITH) - The decadent scent of amaretto and cream.


4. (FOCUS) - It’s a coffee drinkers delight.


5. (HARMONY) - The fresh scent of lush forest trees.


6. (HONESTY) - The perfect blends of cranberries, apples, orange with a hint of cinnamon     

and spice.


8. (PASSION) - The pleasing scent of sweet and tangy pomegranate.


9. (PRAYER) - The perfect blend coconut and lime.


10. (STRENGTH) - The extraordinary scent of red currant!


Optional Scents:


11. Citronella - Natures perfect citrus scent. 


12. Clean Linen - The perfect indoor mood enhancer.


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Luminous blessings, 

Susé© (Sue-say)